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How Big is Calvary Baptist Church?

Our church has grown into a healthy and vibrant congregation. We currently have more than 500 members and average 250-300 Sunday Morning Worship.


What do you offer Children on Sunday Morning?

Children are a special part of our congretation and we value them as full participants in the life of the church. Sunday School classes for children (Preschool-5th grade) begins at 10:00am. During Morning Worhip in the sacturary at 10:55am, we have a "Children's Sermon". This is an interactive devotional time specific for our children. After the children's sermon, Pre-School through first grade have their special Worship time downstairs. Children in 2nd grade and up are asked to join the congregation for worhip in the Santuary with their familes.


Can my Toddler stay with me during Worship time?

YES! We encourage families to worship toegher.  In the back of the church we have a Nursery just in case you many need to step out with your child. The nursery has a two way window and speakers so you can still hear the service.


Do you have to "Dress Up" to attend?

We do not have a specific dress code to attend Calvary Baptist Church. Some members wear their "Sunday Best" while others may wear slacks and a casual shirt or even jeans. We believe that the most important thing is showing up, ready to worship God and giving HIM all the Glory!


What kind of things do you do in your worship service?

We want to create a warm and welcoming atmpsphere at Calvary. As you enter our sactuary, you will find Greeters at the door, with a warm handshake as they offer you a worship bullentin. If you are meeting family/friends, we will help you find them. You will also find the congregation talking, mingling, fellowshiping before service begins at 10:55am. We share announcments, church news; we sing and listen with the choir perform beautiful songs. Song lyrics are projected on our overhead screen and traditional hymnal books are available. We share the congreatation's joys and concerns and lift them up in prayer.


As a way to discover who our visitors are, during a specifc song, the Pastor will give the announment, we ask that all visitotrs remain seated, so we can pass out a visitors card to record your visit. This is an easier way to communitcate this rather than you standing up in front of everybody. We offer our tithes as an act of worship. Our worhsip scriptures are taken from the King James Version. We welcome any Bible translation that fits your style of bible study.


As the end of each sermon, our pastor gives an opportunity for an alter call. If the Lord is speaking to you about your decision on salvation, church membership, re-dedication, baptism or any other issue we want to give each person an opportunity to be obiedinet to the Lord. We end the service with church announcments and a benidiction prayer.


Can a visitor take communion?

Yes. We have communtion on a quartley basis. We dedicate an evening worship time for a Communtion Service. We believe in open communion, that means annyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome to take communin whetther thay are a church member or not.


What if I have other questions?

At the end of service, our church staff is at the door, ready to say Goodbye, shake hands and willing to answer any questions you may have about our church. If you would like to talk in a private manner, our staff and Deacons are always open to listen for you and your family.